September 8, 2008

Google Chrome

September 4, 2008

I’m not a hardcore web surfer. I check certain websites once or twice a day and I’m good.  I kill time with games and program work(lol), not surfing; however, when I do surf, I like things to be snappy.  Efficiency is key, and anything that helps me get things done quicker is a thumbs up from moi. Firefox 3.0 did this for me.  Nice non cumbersome password save feature.  Nice addons for, well, anything you would probably need. Overall, it was just sexy.

So, Google Chrome is out.  For those who don’t know what that is, it’s an open source browser made by Google.  Beta was released on September 02, 2008.  

I’ve got to say that I’m a little edgy when it comes to switching browsers.  Specifically from my beloved Firefox.  Firefox is fast, effective, and it has all of my addons.  That, and the familiarity factor weighs in quite a bit.

That being said, I actually like chrome.  It’s not better than Firefox for me, yet; however it’s still in beta so a lot more options will be coming, I’m sure.  As for addons,  I have no doubt there will be major ports from Firefox.  Speed seems about the same. It’s starting up a lot faster, but my Firefox has to load quite a bit of necessary addons.     There are apparently bench marks of web page loading but I haven’t checked them out yet.

The design of the browser is as simple as it can get.  The tabs are on the top bar instead of under the address bar.  The status bar kind of appears shortly to show progress but doesn’t stick around, leaving more screen real estate. It’s very elegant.  

What’s really interesting about the browser is the built in Task Manager.  Yep, you know the oh so beloved Ctrl+Alt+Del that we so frequently use in windows?  Chrome has a mini version in its browser.  Whether one of your tabs hang, or you just want to check out how much resources each tab is using, just right click on the top bar and click “Task Manager.”  Chrome will pull up a task manager, and the contents are exactly what you would expect from any old task manager.  No more having to close the whole browser and restart everything because of one tab hanging!

Anyway, enough with my babbling. Here’s a short video showing off some Chrome features.


Ok, so that video pretty much just reiterated what I said, and touched on some other nifty things.  “Ninja Surfing” via incognito anyone?  Porn surfers unite!  

So… Here’s Google Chrome!!




Star Wars Clone Wars

August 27, 2008

clone wars…

shit wars…

sad wars…

absolute waste of time…

bloody murder i say, bloody murder.

– supahpinchu


Siggraph 2008

August 13, 2008

Yesterday, I went to the creative/technical convention known as Siggraph. They hold one every year and this year it was at the LA Convention Center which is really close to where I live (5-10 min.). A lot of big companies from the animation industry and game industry go there to demo and show people what kind of technology they used to create their work, usually 3D and CG stuff. Manufacturer’s also go there to announce updates and newer versions of their software mostly for artists (Maya, Max, XSI, Lightwave, etc.). It was pretty fun. I rolled in with a bunch of friends and saw a bunch of other friends there including some of the people that I have worked with and some of my idols. The tech there was pretty cool, but WAY too much motion capture for my taste. I think my favorite booths we’re probably the Disney booth, the Pixar booth, the Laika booth, and the Animation Mentor booth. Some of the other big studios were there too but their booths weren’t so great. Anyhow, for any tech heads, Siggraph was awesome.



Zombie Walk!!!

August 11, 2008

One of the few events I’d actually give up an organ that was actually my own, just to take part in…


Another Reason to buy a Nintendo DS

August 5, 2008

Game is Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Rhythm Heaven in the US version). I posted a review (sort of, but I don’t think it is) over at http://alex.negimaki.com.



Why so serious?

August 2, 2008

Okay, so I know I haven’t posted very often, sue me. Things are getting a lot busier as my college career comes to an end. I’ll be graduating in about 2 months or so. But anyways! That’s not why I decided to post. I saw The Dark Knight at the midnight opening and it was amazing. I’ve seen it once every week since the opening, so three times now in theaters. Hats off to Heath Ledger who did an amazing job as the Joker. Anyone realize that he died on my birthday? Heheheh. Really saddens me that we won’t be seeing such a stunning performance from him again. RIP Heath Ledger. I kinda did a tribute piece to him and his role as the Joker. I had plenty of fun with this one. Got to used a lot of mixed media: Blue Col-Erase, Red Col-Erase, Green Col-Erase, HB Graphite, White Charcoal, and Copic Ink. Hope you guys dig it. Til’ here. Peace.

The Joker

The Joker



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