August 28, 2010

“Delve, Evolve, RELEASE”


Let us enjoy the bittersweet, saccharine rush of the deafening sound of a tear drop where does the story end? Let us live in the image of our creator, like life behind the scenes, intertwined with a sense of drama failed, dramatically.

The capacity to lead amidst adversity, like a flower, that experiences the trials and tribulations of adversity transforms into the most beautiful and rarest of all. Our capacity to lead, to influence, to inspire and be the change we wish to see in the world lands in the palms of our hands, for we expand, we grow and we change to influence others to do the same. Our idle hands hold the key to open the door once closed.

Has our complications not condoned our simplicity. The curtain unveils the voice of truth. Has love lost its sweet tangerine twist of its embrace? Give my mind’s eye the justified expression of servitude. It’s as if the burning candle, that shined once so brightly has been blown out of existence, like the aurora revival of the phoenix that lies deep within the vessels of our soul.

“We are the aurora revival of the Generational Sphere of INFLUENCE”

Called to Serve!



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