Siggraph 2008

August 13, 2008

Yesterday, I went to the creative/technical convention known as Siggraph. They hold one every year and this year it was at the LA Convention Center which is really close to where I live (5-10 min.). A lot of big companies from the animation industry and game industry go there to demo and show people what kind of technology they used to create their work, usually 3D and CG stuff. Manufacturer’s also go there to announce updates and newer versions of their software mostly for artists (Maya, Max, XSI, Lightwave, etc.). It was pretty fun. I rolled in with a bunch of friends and saw a bunch of other friends there including some of the people that I have worked with and some of my idols. The tech there was pretty cool, but WAY too much motion capture for my taste. I think my favorite booths we’re probably the Disney booth, the Pixar booth, the Laika booth, and the Animation Mentor booth. Some of the other big studios were there too but their booths weren’t so great. Anyhow, for any tech heads, Siggraph was awesome.



  1. Steve, as an animator yourself, do you view motion capture negatively? Coz I know some people who see it as a cheat.

  2. That’s a good question man. GOOD one. Well as an animator, I obviously prefer traditional 3D character animation. Animation is in art within itself where the animator strives to give life. There aren’t many things that can give you that type of satisfaction when you can honestly say that you’ve given that character life and made he/she who he/she is. Whereas in mo-cap, you don’t really get that opportunity. Instead, you in a sense “trace” life. In turn, more often than not, it looks a lot more lifeless most of the time. As a professional, I’m not snubbing mo-cap because realistically it’s used a whole lot and to prosper in this type of industry you can’t be that closed-minded or else you won’t get anywhere.


  3. Pretty much the answer I expected from you, and I totally agree. In comic art, I also dislike certain artists who trace straight from photo refs. It defeats the whole purpose. I won’t name him/theme here, but Vemp knows who I’m talking about.

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