One Day As A Lion

July 22, 2008

I’ve been a fan of Rage Against The Machine for awhile now.  I first heard of them back when I was 13.  It saddened me when I found out they broke up.  Zack De La Rocha, their lead vocalist, took off, and the rest of the band moved on to do other side projects, including Audioslave(wtf).

Zack is what really made me love RATM.  His lyrics and voice had such power that you just couldn’t help but love the songs.  Anyway, there’s been rumor that RATM is getting back together.  They’ve been doing some concerts and hopefully working on a new album.

In the mean time, however, if you want some Zack, here’s a new band called “One Day As A Lion” with their debut EP.  Zack hasn’t changed, and the music is still as awesome as it was in RATM.  I think it’s a 2 person band.  Definitely pick it up.




  1. Wait. Zack was involved with Audioslave?

  2. no?

  3. Oh. LOL. I read it wrong.

  4. You do a lot of things wrong..


  5. That’s cold, man.

  6. Despite that, I still ❤ u.

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