Comics Reviews – Week 07.02.08

July 4, 2008

Astonishing Xmen #25 (Ellis, Bianchi) – Maybe I was just expecting a lot from Ellis, not a total letdown but it’s a lot different now.

Batman #678 (Morrison, Daniel) – What the fuck is going on?

Hellboy – The Crooked Man #1 (Mignola, Corben) – It’s great that they’re tackling witchcraft in America this time, a lot different from the usual European myths/folklore present in Hellboy stories.

Amazing Spider-Man #564 (Gale, Gugenheim, Slott, Siqueira) – Still fun and light reading.

Ctuhlhu Tales #3 (Messner-Loebs, Nelson, Lepre) – Great cover, and for some reason every issue of Cthulhu Tales have at least ONE bad story.

House of Mystery v2 #3 (Sturges, Willingham, Rossi) – I’m a big fan of weird stories, and this one makes me shriek with joy everytime I read it.

Joker’s Asylum – The Joker #1 (Nelson, Sanchez) – Don’t mind the art, the story is cool. They made Joker look like a good guy in this story.

Manhunter v4 #32 (Andreyko, Gaydos) – YOUR INVISIBLE SKIN IS BLACK!

Patsy Walker – Hell Cat #1 (Immonen, Lafuente) – Looks and reads promising.

Supergirl #31 (Pucket, Walker) – Don’t bother.

Whew, still have to read the others. Time for work.




  1. I’ll read Batman RIP when it’s collected in trade. Morrisson’s just a bit too all over the place to follow in monthlies. I’m dense.

    I love Ellis, but I don’t know if I like what he’s doing with Astonishing so far. But i’ll stick with it, despite the weird art.

  2. Uh, seriously guys please lend me these comics… i need better reading material i swear!

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