Pixar has done it again…and an Art Show

June 27, 2008

I am pleased to say, not that I have ever doubted them, that Pixar has done it again. Wall E is AMAZING. Great film for numerous reasons. It’s noticeable that they tried a lot of new things in terms of their CG abilites and film making. I went to the midnight showing yesterday and wasn’t let down. The short film before it was just as amazing. Probably their best yet. It’s called Presto. If you look it up, there’s a clip of it floating around the internet. Bottom line. Wall E. See it.

Earlier yesterday, I went to an art show at the urban vinyl toy store known to many as Munky King, on Melrose. The artwork displayed was awesome, the artists were really really cool, giving out free commissions, and the vinyl toys were great as usual. It was the release of a lot of new lines of toys.

– etchasketchin/Stephen


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