Fencing is cool… but this is flashier… shiny is good.

June 23, 2008

Mate, mate… lightsabers, mate…

This is a pretty good fan video… not the best, but it’s damn good:

This is another one, choreography is a little loose, lots of openings:

This has tight choreography, would’ve been cooler with costumes though:

My favorite lightsaber duel created by fans, pretty much a continuation of the the last one with the same guys, well-thought-out choreography, kinda over the top, but shit, that’s a shit load of work ey?:

but this is still the best, sheer brilliance, “chess at a thousand miles an hour”:

no? yes?


– supahpinchu



  1. Heheh I’ve seen these before. They’re pretty cool.


  2. Olde but goodie.

  3. Fuck you! hahahaha fencing is realistic…this is just graphic shit and its only found in movies. Fencing is an actual olympic sport. Which deserves respect and has present for centuries. You should know that light saber fighting was some resemblence to fencing. Take note that fencing is the foundation of that mind set. The theories of fencing are seen. Thank you. Dont diss fencing! hahaha

  4. Oh Yeah! Fencing is an art and “Fencing Masters” have existed for centuries even today the examinations are still present. Jedi Masters are only found in the movies. hahahaha

  5. Defensive much?

    //Force Push

  6. Hell yeah, I’m defensive. The title alone is insulting! Im hurt! hehehehe jk

  7. wow, someone’s got a foil up his ass…jokes.

  8. I like pie.

  9. Cake > Pie.


  10. hahahahah fencing rocks!

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