My Backloggery

June 22, 2008

Stolen from the main page:

Play a lot of video games? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve accumulated a backlog over the years. Sure, you’ve been meaning to go back and play them but it seems like there’s always something getting in the way. Work? School? Family? Even those pesky new games that keep coming out before you’ve finished the last one. How are you supposed to keep up? Nevermind trying to get through the old ones in your backlog!

What you need is a little motivation. What gamer doesn’t like to look over their stats and celebrate the milestones as they progress toward a goal? That’s where we come in. We’ll keep track of everything for you so you’ll know what you’ve done and what still needs your attention. Inputting your games is quick and easy. No slow, endless lists to search through. Just type it in and go!

You just might discover a lot of great games that were swept aside long ago. And best of all, you already own them!

It’s something every gamer should have. And here’s my link. It’s still incomplete, and I’m adding games constantly (mostly stuff I forgot I have).




  1. Fuckin’ gamers.

    I finished Megaman 1 thru 5 on famicom when I was, like, 12. That’s it.

    Oh and island adventure.

    Go me.

  2. Final Fantasy for life! ROCK ON!

  3. Meh. Final Fantasy is so linear. J-RPGs fail.

    The women in their games, on the other hand..

    This looks cool, but I’m too lazy to log everything in.

  4. W-RPGs are usually too long or has too much dialogue. Though I like them for the D&D and high fantasy themes.

  5. I’m not a huge of RPGs, but I’ve dabbled.

    Played a couple of Final Fantasies, and some real old school J-RPGS. Chrono Trigger, and some that are so old I can’t remember the name.

    As for W-RPGs, I’ve played Baldur’s Gate 1,2,and expansion, Icewind Dale, Lionheart, Never Winter Nights, Oblivion, Knights of the old republic series, and mass effect now.

    That’s about 15 years of gaming.

    The only one that I can say I truly love is the Baldur’s Gate series, but that’s long gone. 😦

  6. Well Baldur’s Gate is awesome, D&D awesomeness. Same with NWN, and the Icewind Dale stuff. KOTOR made me sleep, I dunno why, Star Wars is awesome (Lego Star Wars too), but KOTOR made me sleepy.

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