At Long Last

June 20, 2008

Finally, the feeling of not feeling guilty when you’re not doing work. Yes, I’m on vacation but that usually doesn’t mean anything. My vacations up to this point have only either been one week long or three weeks long. NOW, I get a whole month! Not sure why, but I’m not complaining. Some BS regarding leap year or whatever. It’s kind of sad how I’m marveling over a whole month of vacation while other people’s normal vacations are at least 3 months long. But, I’m happy nonetheless.

Big summer for Movies. Plenty of good ones that have and are coming out. Some of the ones that I’ve seen already are:

Iron Man (pretty good. better than I thought it would be)

Kung Fu Panda (probably the only feature animation done in 3D that i actually liked other then the Pixar films. It’s about time these fools got it right.)

The Incredible Hulk (pretty good as well. better than I thought it would be. complete redemption from the other one by Broke Back Director.)

The movies that are coming out and I’m looking forward to seeing.

Hellboy 2 (want to see Del Toro’s take)

The Dark Knight (finally, someone does Batman right. after how many tries? thank you, Christopher Nolan. RIP to Heath Ledger. Judging from the trailers, he does an amazing job as Joker. Died on my birthday.)

Wall E (Pixar movie. Enough said.)

Others that I’m looking forward to later on either in the year or the next to come. Practically just the miller films right now.

The Spirit


See any good movies latley?

– etchasketchin / Stephen


  1. Ionno…I was a bit let down by Hulk. I tend to want just a lotta senseless fights when I walk in for a Hulk movie.

  2. The Hulk was let down by you!

    I want to watch Kung fu Panda. It’s Jack Black, C’MON! Dark Knight, definitely. I like old school batman too. Not Batman and Robin, though.

    I still haven’t seen Iron Man, lolz..

  3. Fail.

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