June 19, 2008


So I appear yet again to add to this shining tribute of a place that is used in a vestigial sense to add color to or take away what is already absent.

So a daddy? yes. excited as fuck. A husband. doubly excited.

questions. many. but too many to ask.

time will run as usual and the silver space that exists between our lines and the next mock the thought of our perceptions ever crossing that far over.

God has a sense of humor. Agree?

Poetry. “POET”s “TRY”ing to make sense of their lack of sense and sensibility.

Divine Irony does rear its ugly teeth more often than not.

Take for example the fact the the Ozone Layer is vanishing because life must flourish, obvious reasons aside. So therefore, life can only flourish if more lives are taken and space is consumed. The universal rule of thumb.

Another scary fact, the children nowadays are aliens. they are NOT normal. to an excessive degree. *knocking on wood*

check it: (fucking awesome though, must be the damn milk)


– supahpinchu \m/



  1. Pfftttt, I could own that kid.

  2. Tristan writes like M. C. Escher draws.

  3. ….what?

  4. Exactly.

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