A Blog Entry from the Mind of a Certain Paolo

June 16, 2008

Hi. Paolo here. But I’d rather have you call me “isprikitikoy.” Isprikitikoy hungry! Isprikitikoy mad! Grrr!

Moving forward, it took me a whole g*ddamn hour to think of something to write about. I gave up on the last minute of that hour, and so I apologize if I write anything of hebe… hebetud… hebetudinous… g*ddamn it! Of stupid nature. There!

I wanted to watch The Incredible Hulk today, but due to an unforeseeable time constraint (I didn’t know that Manieh had to go to church at 6 PM, but it’s all good!), I wasn’t able to. Hahay… the movie won’t be taken out of theatres for another week or so, depending on whether it’s really good or not, and I know it is (I hope), so there’s really nothing to be worried about. Or is there? FUCK YOU BRAIN FOR THINKING OF SUCH A POSSIBILITY! FUCK YOU!

I was at school today, and just like last semester, I felt weird among the younger people. Maybe because at this age, I’m supposed to have graduated. FUCK YOU AGAIN, BRAIN! At the kiosk, those younger people would be laughing and thinking they were cool and all. If I was a 100% mentally handicapped and deranged (luckily, I’m just around 15%… 20% maybe?), I swear, I’d cut a hole in each and every one of those younger people’s throats and fuck them through that hole. Then I’d squirt. Then I’d see my cum trickling down their nostrils. Then I’d probably come back to my senses and move to Columbia to hide and eventually join a drug cartel, since I committed a crime and all, so why not just go all the way, right?

OK… Or maybe I could just give each and every one of those younger people a cock-punch? Ey, Yani?

Well, that’s about it for now. Until next time!

Below is a picture I would like to share with you guys. The picture on the left would be me if I were to be exposed to heavy gamma radiation. Enjoy!

– isprikitikoy



  1. Hahaha well done, Pao. A little disturbing, but well done.

  2. My brain hurts.

  3. Finally! Yehey!

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