Back from Away

June 15, 2008

So I just made it back from chillin’ with the Doomsville crew for the past three-or-so days. It was co-instrument Matt’s birthday, so the attendant binge was a must. Micah and I caught the bus Wednesday morning and killed the five-hour trek talking about Mass Effect and arguing about whether stewardesses are really flight attendants. What? I don’t know.

Buncha cousins made it down for the bash. Cold Beers. Spanish girls. Loud music. I needed that. Last left standing were Matt, Rapha, Carmen, myself, and Tweed the labrador… we all crashed at 3 a.m., which is pretty fucking early. Shit. We’re getting old, mate. I dun loik eh!

Thursday brunch was at a Planter’s Association a short way’s away. Talked about cajun food, burritos, and wolfmen while waiting for our hangover remedy. At some point, Diver Keith blurted out for everyone to stop talking the fuck about food…


Drink again that night. Stirred that around with Imagination Land episodes of South Park and all the god damn scissoring…

Thursday morning. Discover a dive shop run by Californians near the port area. They serve breakfast burritos. Apparently some girls from Berkeley U made it down as well. ‘Nuff said.

Afternoon is killed with episodes of Friday Night Lights (I know, I know, but Minka Kelly…) and me having to go down to the garage to grab beers from the cooler. I get bitten in the ass by the great dane. Apparently unshackled. I walk back up to the room with a single stream of blood trickling down the back of my right leg. Totally didn’t drop the beers. Beer wins.

Friday night is spent compiling lists ranging from “Who deserves a cock-punch?” to “Who do we wanna drink with?”

Saturday bus ride back, and we’re greeted with the one thing we didn’t miss while away from Cebu. Traffic.

Johnny’s back from away. Let’s get to work.

– johnamor


  1. Glad to hear you had a great time. You’ve been raving a lot before on how much you need a break from things.

    Good job on getting bitten by a dog.

  2. I’m missing a butt chunk.

  3. Didn’t know that you even had a butt chunk; I thought it was just hip and then thigh.

    Welcome back, lover.

  4. You’ve been hangin’ around pimptastic too much.

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