June 14, 2008

Ah, the days when I thought holding down the B button harder would make my race car go faster. The days where my thumbs were blister-fied due to hadouken spammage. The days where I would fall asleep with the Mario tune in my head. Good ol’ NES days. Well here’ s a kick ass addon for Firefox that will bring back those days!

Download Here: FireNES

It’s basically an addon that lets you play over 2500 NES games right in your Firefox browser. The greatest part about it is that ROMs and emulators aren’t needed! Once you install the addon, just choose a game from the scroll bar on the left, double click, and a new window will open, and you’re ready to play. Apparently some games are a little buggy, but they should get fixed with time.

Nostalgia.. ❤



  1. wow thats awesome. Can’t wait for the new firefox to come out also!


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