Technology Makes Me One Happy Puppy..

June 12, 2008

I’ve been using computers since I was 3. Granted, until the age of 15 or so, it’s been mainly for gaming. In those 18 years of “computing,” I’ve never owned a laptop. Well, that’s about to change! With some help from my mummeh and my tiny bank account, I was able to purchase a Dell m1530. Specs arn’t the top of the line due to finance reasons, but I think it’s a pretty good “bang for your buck” laptop. I was going to go for the 13” m1330, but I just needed the 15″ screen for screen real estate. As far as specs go:

CPU: T8300 C2D (2.4GHz/800MHz FSB, 3MB Cache)

Ram: 3GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 @ 667mhz

Screen: 15″ @ 1440×990 w/ 2MP Cam

GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT

HD: 250GB 5400rpm SATA HD

Battery: Free upgrade to a 9 cell (yay!)

OS: Vista Home Premium 😦

The free battery upgrade was nice, and I’ll deal with the OS when it gets here. I’ve never used Vista so I was just always in the “Meh, I’ll stick with XP” crowd. If it’s really bad, I may just go Linux. There were other upgrades I could have made like a blu-ray player,nicer cam, extra HD space,CPU(2.6GHz w/ 6mb Cache) etc. but I think the specs above will suffice. My main machine will always be my desktop rig. As for the price, it came to just under $1300 including tax and shipping. Not too shabby imo..

In other news, Firefox 3.0 release date has finally been announced! YES! For those of you who are hardcore Firefox users, I’m sure you’ve been using the RC of Firefox 3.0. Honestly, as much as I love Firefox, I never use RCs. I don’t know why. I just don’t like the feeling of having an “unfinished product” on my machine. I like stability. So even as my favorite add-ons got updated for 3.0b, I stuck it out with 2.0.x.x. But now, 3.0 is finally coming! Can’t wait!

Firefox 3.0 Release DateAnnouncement
Firefox 3.0 RC Release Notes

Now all I need is an mp3 player with larger storage than my 4gig ipod and a better phone. Anyone feeling generous? 😀




  1. That laptop is a lot faster than my desktop. Maybe I’ll upgrade soon, but I’m still thinking of getting a PS3 or a 360 instead of a new PC.

    Also, Firefox FTW! I can’t wait for Firefox 3 to come out. Well, I used to use RCs, hell I’ve been using Firefox back when it was still called Phoenix, but this time I’m gonna wait for the final release.

  2. I agree. With a lot of the “hawt” games going multi platform these days, a console is a good investment. The PC gamers sometimes get the shaft when it comes to exclusive console games because it takes like 6 months for the game to be ported over. The upside is bugs get polished, and sometimes we get new content for free. Downside is the wait and everyone screaming in your ear “OMG THIS GAME IS SO GOOD YOU SHOULD GET IT! OH WAIT, YOU USE PC LAWL”..

    I’ve just always been a huge PC gamer. Since the early days of Doom,Quake,Dungeon Keepers(lol),Star Craft,Counter Strike pre-1.0 etc.

    I just need my keyboard and mouse!

  3. lucky bastard! i wish i had one of those! can you give me your ipod if you get a new one heheheeh

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