Funny Bunnies..

June 10, 2008

Nothing much is new. Summer classes started yesterday. //Yawn… Pretty boring stuff. Apparently I wasn’t enrolled for biology, but I was enrolled in Earth Science. Studying rocks…wow. Just wow. I know it’s an important science and all that mumbo jumbo, but OMG. Studying rocks..it seems so sad. My professor seems overly enthusiastic about it, too. I must admit, though, that I am a little interested in the meteorology aspect of it. It’s space. COME ON!

Space rocks? Yes please!

In other news, I think I’m finally over my jetlag. I woke up at midnight to eat dinner because I fell asleep early, but I was able to get more snoozies in from 2am to 5am so I’m all good!

A couple funnies for the day..

I hate it when this happens! Commander Riker, I feel your pain. //Salute

For some reason, Segways piss me off. I don’t know why, maybe it’s their “I’m all high and mighty” look. I can deal with bicycles, tricycles, those single wheeled cycle thingys, and even heelys, but it’s just something about Segways that make me want to Hulk punch their faces in. This video was so satisfying. Too bad it wasn’t the one doing the stupid dance that fell. Not sure if it’s fake or not. The camera seemed to zoom in right before she fell, so, you be the judge. Fake or not, it’s very satisfying. 🙂

I recently bought a couple of albums. One of which was Paramore’s “Riot!” album. I listened to a couple of songs in pimptastic’s car and they weren’t bad, so what the hell. The album is O.K., I haven’t had enough time to listen to all of the songs thoroughly, but some songs stick out. I really like the melody of the song ,”Hallelujah”.

I’m a sucker for female vocalists…



  1. Isn’t meteorology, like, about the weather and stuff?

  2. I think it covers the different spheres up till space or something..

    Professor mentioned NASA and space things so.. and it’s earth science, so I figured, hey space and rocks. SPACE ROCKS?!. Maybe I misheard. My ears fail.

  3. I do agree though. Space rocks = awesome. I wish I had one in my room. I’d say it was from Krypton or some shit.

  4. dud paramore rocks! and haley is bloody HOT! oh man i love female vocalist! heheheehe
    btw the video of the chick falling off her bike was hillarious i love how they replayed it in slow motion hahaah

  5. I like Rachel Nagi(sp?) from Detroit Cobras. And the chick from Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I like that whole old-town rocker vibe they exhude. The girls in Eisley are also pretty cute, I guess.

  6. buncha horn dogs… :p

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