Seven Songs

June 9, 2008

So there’s this semi-new meme going around like electronic clap. List seven songs you are into right now, it says. No matter what the age or genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. So here goes:

1.) “Fill You In” – Josh Pyke

This one’s got a bit of a Simon and Garfunkle vibe going on, and I like that the lyrics are all cryptic and morbid without actually losing the melancholic imagery.

2.) “The Background” – Third Eye Blind

Yeah, I’m still obsessed with this song. Jenkins’s subdued (literally) vocals only adds to the sadness of this song’s acoustic landscape. Someone bring back Cadogan. Please?

3.) “Decepticons” – Transformers OST

This is one of the songs that don’t really sound like they’re from a movie about giant robots, but once you get into the evil tribe-li-ness of the bad robot camp, you get it. Man, do you get it.

4.) “This Could Be Anywhere in the World” – Alexisonfire

I enjoy listening to loud music when I’m dozing off. Seriously. I like having something loud to ignore. I hate the screamer in this band though. But Dallas Green should be… I dunno… a clock or something.

5.) “Man Overboard” – Polytechnic

Try commuting home in the rain with this pouring into your ears. Ten bucks says you’ll feel like kicking the guy to your left and sticking your tongue down the girl to your right’s throat. I know I did.

6.) “Finding New Ways” – Mint

So it’s not just sad endings but also lucky, convenient, I’m-switching-to-your-equally-hot-sister endings, yeah? Yeah. Noice.

7.) “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” – Paolo Nutini

I sorta feel like Mayer’s lost a bit of what makes him Mayer, and I sorta wished this was his single, but I guess this works too. Ride-em-high opening riff carries over all the way to the end, at which point a lead riff pulls up the octave into an almost danceable identity. Listen, listen.

– johnamor


  1. No Circa Survive?! WOW, Dude…

    //wrist slit




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