All of you are going to hell!

June 7, 2008

I am the light. I am the path. You are but a worm. You will suffer, repent, believe, live a life of joy eternal, die, and come to me for acceptance. For I am loving. For I am kind. For I will embrace you even how dirty, murky, and black your soul is. You will me mine. We will be together. For you are mine alone to consume, and nobody else. You are my life, and your life is mine. You along with others will let me live, you and others will fuel my burning belly for more decades to come. And more.

For I am your God.

Hi, I’m Alex. During my downtime I read comics, play video games (none of that korean mmporg shit, console’s where it’s at!), draw comics-related art, read weird books, sleep, crave for pizza, dream of things beyond dreams, and of things older than the world when there was nothing but black and God was but a whisper behind the ears of the Beings.

And I miss EastWest.

And the teenage girls waiting to get raped, as suggested by how they behave and their clothing preference.

Oh yeah…


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