So Begins the Exile

June 6, 2008

Five in the afternoon on a Friday. I’ve just missed three days of work from being sick from a month-long binge with the Viceroys of Boom Town.

Life is good.

Hi. My name’s John. Some of you will know me from my comicbook-centered work journal, Border Break, and most you will not. Heh. I draw comics. And I’m working on getting a professional gig at either Marvel, Image, or DC. We’ll see. But yeah, that’s my 411.

Anyway, the boys have dispersed again, and this blog was started as a means to keep in touch… more or less. Fuck all them social networks, yeah? Aside from that, this thing’ll serve as curtain-liftage to peek into our specific lifestyles… or lack thereof. This is us not wanting to write about ourselves… or wanting to write about ourselves but not wanting to admit it. You decide.

Let the games begin.


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